General Letting Conditions

It is an essential part of your booking that we receive all parts of this form signed and completed to secure your booking.

Please scan and return via email to

ACCEPTANCE & RESPONSIBILITY – Payment of the booking constitutes acceptance of these Conditions
of Letting.

HOUSE MANAGER – A house manager must be nominated as the primary contact and take full
responsibility to ensure that all occupants understand and agree to the rules. A mobile phone number
must be provided and be contactable when occupying the residence 24/7 for security purposes.

PAYMENT – A 50% deposit is required to confirm the booking. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer
(details will be provided if you choose this option) or Credit Card. Please note there is a transaction fee
of 2.5% for Mastercard and Visa credit cards and 2.9% for American Express. Balance of tariff must be
paid 30 days prior to arrival. If you are checking in less than 30 days prior to arrival, payment in full is
required for your booking. Keys will not be able available unless payment is received in full.

CHECK IN/OUT – Check in time is not before 2:00pm on the arrival date & check out is no later than
10.00am on departure day. Early check in & late check-outs are subject to availability.
KEYS – There is a set of keys in the key safe and a set of keys inside on the kitchen bench. The code for
the key safe will be provided on arrival. If any guest keys are lost or misplaced, ALL locks for the
property must be changed by a locksmith at a cost [in the vicinity of $150 to $800] to the holiday
guest. All guests are to maintain the security of the property at all times.

GUESTS – The property rented is to accommodate the number of persons specified in the booking only.
Byron Bay Holiday Homes does not rent to groups under the age of 21 without a parent/guardian

GUEST RESPONSIBILITIES – Smoking is prohibited inside the property. Time taken to dispose of any
cigarette butts from the garden will be charged back to guests. On departure guests must leave the
property in the same neat & tidy condition as it was when they arrived, including washing up all
kitchen items and placing them back neatly in cupboards, cleaning BBQ & placing rubbish in outside
bins provided. No surplus rubbish is to be left on the street or property. Any additional cleaning and
excess rubbish removal may be charged against the security bond. All breakages, damages & loss of
keys are to be reported immediately so that repairs or replacement of items can be provided for
incoming guests. Replacement or repair of items is payable by the guests.

NOISE – We have a no party policy with no loud noise between 8pm to 8am and no excessive noise at
any other time. Noise means any sound that can be heard from neighbouring properties that disturbs
their peace and quiet. This means not one neighbour is woken by any means, particularly noise on
arrivals and departures. A Security Guard call out service is in place and in the event that a security
guard is called to attend your property you will be issued with a final notice to comply, or your
accommodation will be terminated on the spot with no tariff or security deposit refund. Each call out is
charged at $165.00 and this will be deducted from your security deposit.

GARBAGE – Information relating to garbage and what bins to use is in the compendium book. NO
surplus rubbish is to be left on the street or on the property. Please ensure all rubbish is placed in the
appropriate bins (red and green bin bags are to be securely tied with the lids closed prior to collection.
Any rubbish removal or re-sorting will be deducted from your security.

SECURITY BOND – On the arrival date we will require your card details (if not provided already) to
access up to $1000. Deductions will be made for excess cleaning, excess garbage, late check-out,
damages or security guard call out. Should a claim be made against your security bond, an
administration fee of $110.00 will also be deducted.

CHANGES – Byron Bay Holiday Homes makes the booking in good faith however, we cannot be held
responsible for actions taken by the owner of the property, i.e. sale of property, increase of tariff,
alteration of property or withdrawal of property from letting. In any of these events, every endeavour
to find alternative accommodation shall be made. Byron Bay is an ever, developing town and from
time to time, there may be building/construction on houses within the vicinity of your property. We
take no responsibility for any issues relating to noise on neighbouring properties.

NO RESPONSIBILITY – No responsibility is accepted by Byron Bay Holiday Homes or the owner for
guest’s personal property left on the premises, or personal injury.

PROPERTY – The description of the premises by the Byron Bay Holiday Homes is given in good faith &
no responsibility for misinterpretation will be accepted. No refund is given if you are not satisfied with
your accommodation.

PROPERTY USAGE – The property is to be used for short-term residential accommodation only. The
property may not be used for any commercial purpose, wedding, party, gathering or any other
function. We have a NO PARTY POLICY at across all properties.

INDEMNITY – Guests’ actions, conduct and safety are the responsibility of the guests. Byron Bay
Holiday Homes and the owners of this property do not condone, unsafe, irresponsible, or illegal
behavior etc. on or off the premises, during a stay or at any other time. A condition of entering and/or
staying at this property means that all guests understand and agree to indemnify the agent and
owner(s) against any responsibility or action(s), (legal or other), due to any action(s) incident(s), loss, or
injury(s) while within or outside of the premises (including, but not limited to, the grounds, facilities,
structures, etc.) during a stay or at any other time.

BREACHES – A breach of any of the above conditions will permit Byron Bay Holiday Homes to cancel or
amend a booking, refuse access or occupation, or immediately terminate a tenancy. Refunds will not
be paid on terminated tenancies.

CANCELLATION PROCEDURES – All cancellations will incur a $110 administration fee. If in the
unfortunate event that Byron Bay Holiday Homes has to cancel your booking, a full refund will be
If the booking is cancelled more than 30 days prior to commencement date, 50% of the total booking
tariff will be refunded.
If the booking is cancelled less than 30 days prior to commencement date, you will not receive a
refund for this booking.

Please note: For any bond claims processed on a Mastercard or Visa credit card a 2.5% bank fee will
apply. For American Express the bank fee is 2.9%. It is an essential part of your booking that we
receive all parts of this form signed and completed to secure your booking.

It is an essential part of your booking that we receive all parts of this form signed and completed to secure your booking.

Please scan and return via email to